Week One Review

So concludes my first week exploration into precious metal clays! I want to do a little reflection every week so I can look back and see how far I’ve come. So, I played a lot with copper this week considering it is cheaper and I’ve never done this before: 

First Piece: Circular Pendant

Second Piece (and third): Shamrock pendant and matching earrings

Third Piece: pendant with M initial… Made for my wife. M is our son’s initial.

I had a few fails along the way…I tried making my wife a Valentine necklace but, um, that failed. I got her a box of sour skittles instead so it’s all good. 

Probably my most exciting accomplishment was playing with silver last night: 

Pretty proud of that. Not gonna lie. Not too proud of legit melting the first one I tried. But we won’t talk about that. 

So that was my week. In between nap times and after bedtime this is what I do now. It’s fun, frustrating, and maybe one day fruitful? (I like alliteration). I’d like to sell pieces once I get better. But for now, more practicing and gift-making. 


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