Monday Brainstorms…

Considering the state of our country, I’d like to use my new hobby as a way to reflect on politics. Especially since becoming a Mom, I feel so distanced and not sure where my place is. I guess a lot of people my age feel this way even if they aren’t parents. We’ve never had to fight like this before. Are we rising to the challenge? How will I fight? What will be the issues I focus on (lord knows I can’t fight for everything)? I’d like to use this art form as a way of reflecting on these things. Also. Something about torching makes me think of our current political state anyway. 

So this leads me to my Monday brainstorm: LGBTQ themed jewelry. Obviously an issue I hold close. It’s such an odd realization that my family is something political. I never really noticed until after the election. 

So. I’ve got an equal sign… What else? Hmmmm


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